What Clients say

What clients say about Joan

"I began Pole Walking to support my sister who is a little unsteady on her feet and leads quite a sedentary lifestyle.  

I felt the poles would give her a bit more confidence and support.  Imagine my surprise when I began to feel the great benefits myself!!  I do walk a lot and often, however, walking with the poles provides me with a much better workout, using more muscle groups and improving my gait.

I can feel my back muscles working as well as the back of the arms, helping with those wobbly bits that seem to appear as we age.

Joan is a wonderful, patient and caring teacher.  

She provided lots of support and modifications for my sister and helped her to enjoy the experience instead of feeling out of shape and weak.  

She is able to work with people of all levels and experience and does a super warm up before heading out for a most enjoyable walk.  I really enjoy my time with Joan and look forward to seeing her every week for our sessions.  

Her vast experience teaching Pilates also gives her an excellent eye for movement and she can really help to correct bad habits that we all develop with posture.

Thanks so much Joan for your endless patience and care!"