Join me @Home for Pilates Online Wednesdays & Fridays 8am

No more excuses. Let's take our Pilates workout online. Every Monday and Friday 8-9 am. $45. /monthly fee. Email for details on how to join. I am also available for at home visits in and around the Don Mills neighbourhood.

Joan Baker is a Restorative Pilates Specialist.

She integrates mind-body science and fitness practices to provide a full-body, personalized workout with your health concerns and level of fitness in mind. Do you suffer from acute injuries or just wish you could build your core and body strength?  She offers fresh simple "fit tidbits" on how to pay attention to physical movements throughout the day!  Whether young or mature,  Joan encourages clients to commit to a regular time for self care, until it becomes one of the most important appointments to never miss in their lives!

Healthy Heart - Healthy Body! Her light hearted approach makes you feel comfortable during your Pilates appointment. "You'll leave your Pilates se…
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